Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend foods

This is the end of my first weekend on my own foods-- and I think it went very well! I must say that I feel better about everything. I am happy to be back cooking and baking and creating tasty low calorie foods.

Each morning I ate a big, protein rich breakfast at noon. Then I ate a small snack in the afternoon (string cheese, apple, and fiber one bar), so that I could save ~1,000 calories for dinner and wine!

I experimented with omelets each morning. Saturday's was much better than my omelet today.

Each day I had:

1c Egg whites/beaters (82c)
1c Spinach (7c)
1/3c grape tomatoes (8c)
1/2c onions (27c)
2c Coffee/espresso (Pete's reserve: Kona!)
1c Steamed skim milk (83c)
What was different:

1T Goat cheese (52c)
2 slices of turkey bacon (70c)
Sunday: (*see picture)

1c Mushrooms (15c)
1 roasted red pepper (20c)
1T mozzarella cheese (21c)
1T Parmesan cheese (22c)
Thomas' Multi-grain light English muffin (100c)
1t Canoleo margarine
1/2c Orange Juice with calcium (68c)


RB said...

Seriously, does 1/2 cup of onion have 27 calories?!? I thought onions were just water!!! Not that 27 calories is a lot, but it seems more than I would think it has.

That omelet looks good for an omelet (I don't eat eggs) and I'm psyched for you that you got to have wine and lots of coffee. :) Looks like the weekend was a success!


ProggPat said...

Every morning at NOON?! You gotta start getting up a little earlier, seriously.