Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So the cookie poll is almost over and my presumptive winner is in the lead! I do think that I will have to make all of them eventually and report back.

One week down ,103 left! Haha- just kidding. The diet (or "plan" as KBW likes to call it) is actually going very well. TE and I are cooking together, exploring what it is like to cook and eat meat again, and I feel satisfied and full everyday! So much so that I am developing some unnecessary anxiety about how it could be possible that I am calorie restricted and happy...

Most of it stems from the fact that I have not lost any weight since beginning my own foods (one week ago- dramatic?). So how does one anxiety-prone, control freak try to regain the unsatisfied hungry feeling that "must" go hand-in-hand with dieting? She weighs the food, measures it, weighs it again, plugs the ingredients into CRON-o-Meter, plugs the ingredients into her PDA/calorie king, and then finally compares the results with the original recipe info (which has this information already calculated). The result: the recipe was right-- unnecessary anxiety. Lesson learned? No, of course not.

I talked with my therapist about it this morning. She does not seem concerned with the lack of weight loss. Basically, if I do not lose another pound for the remainder of the study, I will still fall within the "normal" range of weight loss expected for the study. (*I have lost 7lbs from my baseline weight)

I am eating some packaged foods to help curb my neurotic behavior- today for lunch I ate a lean cuisine pizza (370c) with a side salad (100c). Not bad, but not something I want to make a habit of...

Oh the drama! :)


rachel said...

For the RSS feed, click on the little orange thingy in the address bar of the browser and select something (I select Google, and then pick google reader). Then you'll automatically see your posts in the window.

Maybe your stomach shrunk a little, or your metabolism slowed a bit, which means it takes less for you to feel full...which is a good thing. I think it's *awesome* that you feel satisfied and are sticking to the plan!

Sorry we weren't out tonight - we (all) are sick. All of us. We're quite a troupe.

Anonymous said...

Some folks say if you shift your ratio of Protein, fat, and carbs you could start seeing different results as far as weight loss. Also time of day when eating makes a difference. Say you have been saving up calories for dinner and not spreading it out through the day can impact how your body is storing energy. - TE

Anonymous said...

actually, that is a good point. I don't buy the ratio arguments - I'm more of a calorie girl - but I do believe that if you eat more of your calories in the morning vs. night there is an effect on weight loss/gain. I know when I've dieted before for sports that eating most of my cals in the morning resulted in the most weight loss.

:) cheers - RS