Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bad Dinners

So I have been lax with food updates. Mostly that is because I have been making some bland/bad dinners recently. In addition- my photos of these tasteless dinners have also been pretty bad as well, not helping my blogging motivation.
Take last night for example- I purchased a pound of ground turkey (only 1% fat) and while I should have made the turkey meatloaf again, I decided to make a meat sauce for pasta and string beans.
Tip: there is a purpose for fat in meat- it makes the meat taste good. My dinner was very very bland. I may buy the 1% fat meat again and see how it impacts the taste of the meatloaf for a true test though.
I have also been feeling guilty about eating meat again, so TE and I made tilapia the other night. This should not have been complicated, we have been eating fish as a regular staple for the last 10 years- I know how to cook fish. It was organic and previously frozen, which may not have been a problem for other fish, but this broiled tilapia marinated in lemon, soy and dill tasted like dirt. It was awful.
I am planning a yummy green curry, Thai inspired, dinner so hopefully that will go better. Everything tastes better with coconut milk and curry.

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