Monday, April 28, 2008

Party Generation

So the weekend is over!
Summary: I spent too much money, slept too little, ate very well, and generally had a great time with my family and friends. Today I have a cold/sore throat as a result. I am curious to see if the cold passes quickly due to my healthy CR diet...

This weekend I maintained my calorie restriction and was able to drink and eat "normally!" On Friday and Saturday I ate 500cal during the day so that I could save around 1,000 for the evening festivities. I am not sure if my body is adjusting to not eating/drinking 1,000cal at once but each night I felt very full. So I checked and double checked my PDA for proper food entries and even with my overestimation I was very close to my 1670 calorie restriction! Bliss :)

More bliss: teaching is OVER! I am ecstatic about this fact. I can now refocus all my energy back onto my research and aiming for a graduation date in 2009!! Ahhh.
Also I purchased a new camera this weekend with my study stipend- food pictures galore!


Erica said...

So for some reason, I just got about a month's worth of updates on my reader from your blog... so when you asked me this weekend if I had been reading your blog, I guess the answer was no! Sorry. Next time we'll get to spend more time, and you need to call me anyway because I never got to tell you the new developments with Mr. P.

Bravemom said...

Am happy we had some quality time this weekend, Lizard. It was great shopping, cooking, hanging out together.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Wish I could say I was done teaching for a while. At jury duty today, all I did was mark papers. Let's plan the parents' trip to Bean city soon. Time to coordinate our schedules.

Phone home soon.