Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekend ready

TE and I are headed to his parent's home for the weekend, and I am ready. My last visit was not so pleasant for the following reasons:
1) It was Easter weekend and I was eating study-packaged foods
2) There was a plethora of amazing food everywhere (Entenmann's Chocolate Frosted Donuts)
3) I could not drink alcohol
4) I was not that happy/satisfied with the end of the Mediterranean diet which made me extra cranky

Needless to say I am excited to go back and be pleasant to my family and show them that I am not suffering the emotional effects of hunger anymore! I may have over anticipated my food needs for the weekend though... I packed 2 grocery bags full of yummy, healthy foods so that I will not be tempted. Who knows though-- those donuts may have an unnatural effect on me.

On a side note- I lost a pound this week, so the study is happy and not concerned with my progress. I will keep an eye on my food ratios and timing though- those are good points to consider.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I am super impressed with all your organization!! This is definitely a practice in self discipline.
Hope the party goes well tonight- I was thinking you could dilute your wine with sparkling soda or water- but I know how much you love that:)
See you Monday,

Anonymous said...

Now, the true test will be, WILL YOU KEEP PASSOVER? Just think, now that you can eat meat, you can have REAL chicken soup. Probably only one matzoh ball though.

And those meringue cookies (according to the bagged variety from Manischevitz) are 3 cookies = 110 calories. Start planning gefilte fish and other treats. Your dietician many need a few weeks' notice.

Love you, applaud you, miss you... MOM

aprilJoy said...

hope the weekend was great!! I am making your beef stew today :-))) I'll let you know how it is, it smells yummy in my kitchen. Call me when you're back from your travels!!