Monday, April 14, 2008

Why would anyone live like that?

After starting this blog entry in Word, my computer crashed. My new computer. But that is another story for another time, the point of it all: Word did not recover my entry so I am starting over...

The diet is going well! I lost another 1+lbs this last week, I am still feeling happy with my foods, and I have returned to social situations! The food story from this weekend occurred when TE, SB, KBW, SW and I went to the movies. We went to a new (to us) theatre that serves beer. This was exciting to me for many reasons.
1) Movies, popcorn and beer- what could be better?!
2) They had my favorite 64 calorie beer (Beck's Light)
and 3) The staff was so friendly, I will continue to see all the movies they show (they only have 2 screens) just to support them!
I brought my own popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels, ordered a beer and was thrilled to be snacking like the rest of the crowd. It was great.

I am gearing up for a real doozie of a blog post. There is a ton of chatter in the CR/CRON world- and I want to speak up. But that post is not ready yet. Until then here is what is new:

Participating in this research study has started a whole new life obsession. It is not just healthy eating and diet for me. I have been constantly researching the latest discoveries in CR. This has overwhelmed any remaining interest for my current graduate school thesis topic. Not that this is a bad thing... I am almost ready to begin the next phase of my career and I need a niche. I have been thinking about what that was going to be since I started graduate school, and throughout this tumultuous time my ideas have changed annually. They almost always focused on"finding genes that cause human disease" but varied on which disease, animal model, and why. I am beginning to think that I should combine my passion for CR research with my professional goals! It is amazing to have focus. I am excited again about research! Things are good :)


Anonymous said...

I think research on CR would be great for you Liz- it's obviously something you are passionate about- therefore sounds like a super idea for a post-doc! Go Liz!

Anonymous said...

That's great - that helps motivation so much, to have new ideas and a personal interest!

I missed your previous posts because I thought I was getting them on RSS feed and I wasn't. :( I'm sorry!! It sounds like things are going great with the diet - that's so awesome.

Someday we'll run into you and the king again... :)