Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Saturday Overage

I went over my calories on Saturday. By 200. At least.

It was PC's 30th surprise birthday celebration and it did not help that I arrived (with my chicken, low-cal pasta salad, seltzer, and light beer in hand) starving. It was also not good for my will power to be surrounded by really nice wines and cheeses before eating anything substantial. In my hunger- I did not care about the mice, or being healthy, or anything logical. I wanted wine and cheese.
So I compromised-- it was a long night ahead (college friend gatherings usually = drinking like we are still in college). While waiting for dinner- I had 2- 64 calorie beers, some cheese (3 slices to be exact), and a small piece of stromboli while salivating over all the other food being prepared.
By the time dinner was ready, I painlessly avoided the lasagna and eggplant Parmesan in favor of my grilled chicken breast, green salad, and low-cal pasta salad.
But that was where the good ended.
I reached my calorie limit with 2 beers, 3- 0.5oz pieces of cheese, and dinner. I did stop drinking at that point --not included: sips of each fabulous new bottle of wine opened. PC had to make me his “special recipe” steak tips (since beginning to eat meat again all of our friends and family are very excited to make meaty meals for TE and me). So I ate two steak tips (1oz?)- Which were very good. Birthday cake avoidance was the most difficult. I knew I was over limit but desserts are my weakness.
Yellow cake.
3 layers high.
Filled with chocolate and vanilla pudding/mousse.
Oh the pain!
I broke down after 3hours of staring at the cake. I ate a heaping tablespoon full. After the cake teaser- I ate an apple.
Final Overage Tally:
5 sips red wine
1oz grilled steak tips, marinated in sauce containing calories
1 heaping Tbsp cake
1 medium apple (90cal)

It really does not seem that bad in this format. When you think about how bad it could have been- I should feel better about the fact that it was not worse!
This week I am trying to be extra cautious about my calories to make up for Saturday.
I have been eating lean cuisine meals for lunch and drinking a lot of water/seltzer/iced green tea throughout the day. We will see if there was any overage- effect on my weight on Thursday.

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Jenn said...

Hi Liz,

I'm sure you feel badly for going over, but I would let it go. I'm sure it will all even out this week. Plus considering this is a long term "plan" I think you did an excellent job! What light beer is only 64 calories, i think i better start drinking that one! :)