Monday, October 27, 2008


I am going to face the facts. I gained 3lbs. A real 3lbs.
And my eating/recording/weighing/measuring is not going well.
I need some extra motivation, so I am going to report all my foods for 7 days again. I enjoyed it last time and while it may not be the most exciting of topics, I need the extra accountability. For now I will not be doing the CRON-O-Meter nutritional analysis- maybe later in the week.
So here it goes again!

Monday- 1688cal (+18)
Breakfast: 433cal
Cranberry Nut Oatmeal:
1/2c dry old-fashioned oatmeal (cooked in water)
15g Pecans
20g dried cranberries
Cinnamon to taste
1T skim milk
1T real maple syrup
1.5c Coffee
.5c Skim milk

Lunch: 368c
1 Hamburger bun
2 Slices of FFree Turkey Breast
1 Slice of reduced fat Swiss cheese
1.5T Mustard
8 Baby carrots
1- Fiber fruit leather

Snack: 172c
1 Reduced fat Quaker peanut butter granola bar
1 Medium Apple

Dinner and Dessert: 715c
BLT with 4 slices of bacon
1c Tomato soup
1 Chocolate chip cookie (made by KBW, I have been savoring them!)
1c Skim milk
2T NesQuik Chocolate mix
1 marshmallow


Carl said...

Keep it up Liz! In an effort to inspire and encourage your efforts, I am going to eat 1670 calories worth of food only tomorrow (Wednesday). I'll report back on how it goes tomorrow!

Liz said...

Wow! Thank you for the support Carl! Maybe you will have to be a guest blogger so we can all hear how it went! Let me know how it goes :)