Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!
Sorry I did not post yesterday. KBW and I drank a bottle of wine and ate too much last night- so I fell asleep early :) (it was worth it though!)
Not a good CR day.
At first I thought I was only mildly over- but I was laying in bed wondering how I got this uncomfortably full feeling- so I was going over and over what I ate and trying to remember what I forgot to add into my PDA, then I remembered: salad!
Normally it would not have been that bad, but this is a good, calorie rich, salad :)
Here is my day

Thursday: 1987 (+317)

Breakfast: 370c
2- Kashi GoLean blueberry waffles
1.1T peanut butter
1T Apple butter
Skim milk

Lunch: 298
Turkey sandwich

Snack: 246c
Coffee with skim milk
Cookies and cream granola bar
1/4c Cottage cheese
Graham cracker

Dinner: 1073c (!!)
12oz red wine (!!)
Buffalo chicken sausage
Hot dog bun
1tsp light mayo
4T ketchup
1/2 bag of organic french fries (250cal!) baked in oven
1.5c Bibb lettuce/spinach mix
15g Pecans
1/2 small granny smith apple
1/4c sliced cucumber
0.3oz crumbled goat cheese
2T light dressing

I think today should be better, I had to go to the dentist (again!) for the permanent crown placement, but it did not fit to my dentist's liking, so I am numb and sore. Soft foods will be all I eat today...
Maybe tonight I will make a stew and TE and I will watch a scary movie!

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Kate said...

I say the wine was worth it!!!! :)If you're going to go over CR, at least it was a good bottle.