Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold body, warm belly!

It is very cold where I live... so I am going to try to consume a lot of warming foods today :)
I wonder how Carl is doing today!

Wednesday- 1660 (-10)

Breakfast: 370c
2- Kashi GoLean blueberry waffles
1.1T peanut butter
1T Apple butter
Skim milk

Lunch: 425c
Amy's cheese burrito
Kettle corn popcorn, 100cal pack

Snack: 475c
Organic yogurt
1/4c Bran buds
1- Fiber fruit leather
Mint tea
9 baby carrots
2T Sabra jalapeno hummus (so good!)
1 Hard boiled egg
1 slice of Kraft light cheese

Dinner: 414c
Quorn cranberry and goat cheese cutlet
A few sips of reduced sodium miso soup- which was terrible!! I should probably consume less salt... but I won't... yet :)
1 graham cracker (4 pieces)
1 piece of dark chocolate

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