Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All quiet on the CR front...

I have started 2 different posts-not recipes- writing about what has (not) been going on recently. They bored me while writing them, so I decided to spare my readers from reading them :)
Last week was uneventful-- after returning from Montreal I neglected to go food shopping so I did not eat very well. As a result I was hungrier than usual. I also ate out more than I do in a typical CR week. I usually eat out once a week, last week I ate out 3 times! I balance/record those meals by adding ~1T oil to whatever I see/know is on my plate.
This week I did go food shopping but I have been feeling uninspired, so I am eating all of my favorite meals. Cereal with nuts for breakfast, turkey sandwiches for lunch, and something "interesting" for dinner. Tonight I am making the turkey meatloaf again.
Pretty boring.
I think I needed some down time after my self-induced hysteria, so I am just maintaining...
Hopefully next week will be more exciting :)

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