Sunday, June 15, 2008

Keep Me Honest

I don't know what it is-- I was great this past week- measuring, weighing, etc... But during the weekend it is seemingly impossible for me to accurately assess my food needs and plan accordingly. Here are my confessions:
I went over on Thursday by 200 calories... and I am only taking half of the responsibility :) TE had a softball game that ended at 8:30pm, I had eaten a fiber-one bar at 6:30, but I was starving when the game ended at 8:30. It took us 1hr to get home from the game so by the time we had food to eat it was 10:30pm. I could have maintained my CR prescription if there were no french fries- it was the french fries fault! I actually have not eaten french fries since February. In hindsight, that may not have been wise because on Thursday I did not care about calories, I was eating french fries! To be fair, I did think that I had enough "room" for them-I had ~500 calories left for dinner- so when I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with raw veggies on a pita I thought I fine, but as I know- calories add up quickly and I only analyzed my dinner after I had eaten it... a big no no... Lesson learned. Plan and analyze dinners prior to eating. Especially if meal contains french fries (or other similar high calorie option).
Friday was fine. But I wanted to keep a 100 calorie buffer (1570 cal)- considering the overage- but it did not happen. I also ate 500 calories of pizza (2 slices).
Saturday. Again, no buffer. But I analyzed my calories prior to dinner so I knew how much I could eat. Unfortunately that left no room for Auntie P's amazing pistachio cake. But I thought ahead and saved my piece for today. (I ate it for dinner)
So while I have not gone over since Thursday, I have had no buffer. And my food has been less than healthy (cake for dinner?!). So this week I am going to maintain my 100 calorie buffer. And you, my readers, are going to help keep me honest. I am going to post all foods eaten each day this week. It will be great. Reminiscent of my early days on the diet.

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RB said...

Were the fries yummy? :)

You're doing an amazing job with the diet - I think a couple of slips are to be expected!

I'm not exactly one to judge for cake for dinner, though... :) ha!